What is a database and what can it do for me?

A database is a computerized system which allows you to organize, track, manage and report on any information you need. It provides a central location for all of your data.
A database helps you to go...

from this...
Unorganized Data - DataConstruct, Inc. - Microsoft Access Database Applications - Winnipeg Manitoba
 to this, in an electronic format.
Organized Data - DataConstruct, Inc. - Custom Database Applications - Winnipeg Manitoba
The key to the power of a custom database application is that any single piece of data is entered only once and used throughout the organization for different purposes, allowing you to automate functions critical to your organization's success.

DataConstruct, Inc. creates tools for organizations like yours with Microsoft Access, a recognized world leader used in developing invoicing software, payroll software, timesheet software, and more for medium-sized organizations. Our experience creating dynamic applications using Access helps DataConstruct build programs that work exactly as your organization needs, without any unnecessary components.

What this ultimately means is that, with custom software designed specifically for your needs, you are able to perform the same amount of work in significantly less time. This allows you to save money and time by:

  • Reducing Labour Costs
  • Improving Cash Flow
  • Improving Efficiency and Service Delivery
  • Invoicing, Client, Customer, Service and Management Reporting in a Fraction of the Time Taken to Produce Manually or Through Other Programs Such as Excel
  • Reallocation of Labour Saved to Other Important Functions such as Service
  • Reduction in Costly Errors, Repetitive Data Entry and Data Duplication

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