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Online Software Training

This site has a number of resources; one in particular is very useful i.e., their On Line Training Library.  How it works is that you pay either a monthly fee or an annual fee and log in at any point for on line training for any of the major software programs and some specialty software.  You get an animated video and voice training session.  It is quite well organized, with the training session being split up into much smaller training segments, indicating the time it takes for each segment.  The best part about training is that you, or people you work with, can become familiar with a software package without leaving the office. For more details go to website.


TechSoup Stock which is a nonprofit program that distributes donated and deeply discounted software and technology products to eligible Canadian and U.S. nonprofits and charities.  You can save 80 – 96% on brand-new software donated by top companies.  All products are available either for a small administrative fee if donated, or at prices that are deeply discounted. For more details go to website.

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